Architectural Applications and Customization

Working with you and your design and architecture team we will seamlessly integrate our products into your overall project business.    Aren't working with a designer?  We can help with that too.



"We're a family of 3 but we I have a square shaped room and we host large 14 person parties every Sunday.  I wanted to be able to have a square table that could expand into a larger square"

"We needed the custom furniture designed and built for our coffee shop.   It was important that we had something unique and local that could bring the community together"

Our custom design service separate up from our peers because we approach projects starting with challenging all of the conventional notions of design.  Most of our peer talk about their excellence in craftsmanship and after a while you can't tell one company from the next.  At a certain point the ability to produce excellent craftsmanship is a mute point, an not worth talking about. Instead approach projects from the inside out...not looking for solutions, but trying to create compelling problems.  Once we back ourselves far enough in a corner it takes art and innovation to find our way out...that is out artistic process.