1.1 Chicago Fire Furniture (CFF) Ships to all points within the Continental United States and Canada. “Shipping” and/or “Delivery” is defined as door to door unless additional white glove services are requested by client. CFF will quote white glove shipping services upon request.

1.2 All Products are considered to be in good condition and error free when shipped. Client should inspect all deliveries immediately upon arrival, and should make note of any damage to boxes or merchandise when signing for Product deliveries. No replacements/refunds will be given for Products refused at the point of delivery, moved, or re-shipped after delivery to the shipping address on record. Defective Products and Products delivered in error may be returned to CFF only after obtaining a Return Material Authorization Number from CFF. The CFF team will arrange for photograph inspection or on site inspection of such Products. If CFF determines after inspection that such Products contain a material Defect, CFF will, at CFF’s discretion, repair or replace the Products free of charge within a timeframe contingent on CFF’s current workload. If CFF determines that such returned Product was delivered in error, CFF will correct such error and re-deliver the Product ordered to Client. “Defects” are defined as imperfections in material or workmanship that will impair the use of the Products.

1.3 If Client finds a material Defect in any Product, part or component within one (1) year from delivery for all Products, provided the Product was properly stored, handled, assembled, maintained, and used by Client under normal conditions, Client must report such Defect during the relevant period to the CFF Contract team by e-mail (info@chicagofirefurniture.com). Defective Products may be returned to CFF freight prepaid only after obtaining a Return Material Authorization Number from CFF.

1.4 For Products Shipped Within the Continental United States and Canada. If after inspection any such returned Product is determined by CFF to qualify for this repair or replacement policy, CFF will, at CFF’s option, repair or replace the Product free of charge. Repair or replacement of Products does not extend its return or exchange period beyond the original expiration date of one (1) year from delivery. This repair or replacement policy is limited to the Client with proof of purchase. This repair or replacement policy does not cover: (i) Defects caused by improper product storage, handling, assembly, installation, maintenance, or use; (ii) Defects occurring to the Products after purchase due to Product modification, intentional damage, accident, misuse, abuse, or negligence; (iii) normal Product wear and tear due to age; (iv) labor, delivery or assembly costs; or (v) variations of color or texture in Products made of natural materials (e.g. wood, leather, marble etc).